Harmony... a place to get away, find yourself, heal and rebuild


Bali Harmony Retreat offers quality accommodation in Pererenan, Canggu, Bali. We are located amongst the rice fields just 500m from the famous surf beach of Pererenan. We are a boutique guesthouse and have two room styles offered over two levels. If you are after some peace and quiet yet still want access to all the restaurants, shopping and life that Canggu offers we are the perfect place for you.

Our rooms have a mini fridge, air conditioning and ceiling fans with full blockout curtains. Our beds are hotel quality to ensure you get the best nights sleep The ensuite has plenty of storage space, hairdryer and soap products to ensure your stay is comfortable.

We have a large inground pool and an open kitchen/bale for our guests to relax in. Our guest kitchen offers full cooking facilities and free hot / cold water on tap. There is free optic fibre wifi to keep you connected to the outside world but we also offer peace and quiet to enable you to escape and just be.

Our property also offers daily yoga / meditation classes onsite and we can also arrange for personal massage and other balinese healing services (eg. Detox, Reflexology, Healing, Readings).

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Bali Harmony Retreat is dedicated to deliver meaningful and mindful escapes for people who want to recharge and relax and/or create a new mindfulness or shift in their life.

We offer the chance to support and nurture your true self and enable you to be present for whatever your purpose is. Come stay with us in the peace and serenity of Bali, spend some time relaxing with good food, a great environment, stimulating company which will put you in the mind and heart space to achieve change. Our aim is to make you comfortable and allow you to feel fully at home.

We understand that beauty comes from within and offer tailored retreats to ensure you can reach your true potential. Our logo you might notice is in the shape of a Butterfly which is significant as they are the most profound example of transformation and epitomises our goal to offer truly transformational experiences to our guests. With this aim in mind we look to offer retreats that are both genuine, luxurious, spiritual, fun, creative and positive.

Bali harmony Retreat provides unique wellness and mindfulness experiences in peaceful surrounds on the spiritual island paradise of Bali. We offer a variety of retreats although everything we do is focussed on achieving mindfulness, inner peace and enhancing overall wellness.

Throughout the year, retreats are created for all ages with a variety of wellness focusses e.g. Yoga, Detox or Mindfulness. Our guests enjoy quality accommodation amongst the rice fields of Pererenan; a haven to relax in, de-stress and to find your inner self. Our Bali retreats are hosted in a stunning peaceful environment, close to the stylish surf of Canggu’s Echo Beach.

A typical 7 Day, all-inclusive yoga retreat will provide daily yoga practice, guided meditation sessions, healthy and delicious meals, creative art workshops, spa treatments, readings, massages, mindfulness sessions, healing sessions and more! Check out our current retreats.

We also share our space with other’s looking for a calm and positive environment for any worthwhile purpose. Maybe you want to escape and be mindful or find your inner yogini or maybe you are looking for a venue to run your very own workshop or retreat. Contact us, we would be happy to discuss your needs and tailor a solution that suits you.

The treasure at Harmony is worth the seeking, we simply provide you with the space to sink deeper into your heart centre in a completely safe and tranquil environment. The measure of success is the knowledge and inner peace gained from your Harmony experience!

Harmony at a Glance:

• An intimate, boutique retreat, with the privacy to melt away from everyday life,

• Tailored programs based on the personal choices of guests – to achieve total relaxation, and specific needs such as mindfulness and general well-being,

• World famous peacefulness and tranquillity of a Bali retreat offering unique nurturing and replenishment, and

• Customised services and schedules

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For those who desire time out to reflect, want some sun and relaxation, or who are looking for the chance to create positive habits and intentions for today’s hectic pace of life, a harmony Retreat offers you the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate and give your inner and outer self a break from normal daily routines.

• Body rejuvenation through yoga and massage
• Self-development of your yoga and meditation practice
• Access to Balinese healing techniques from our in house guru
• Enhance your inner peace and calm
• Stay in comfortable accommodation immersed in nature, far from the madding crowds
• A repertoire of take home skills for everyday life
• Support, fun and friendship
• Begin to become more sensitive to your body and its needs
• De-stress & decompress with the ability to switch off from any need to plan, organize or be responsible for others

Our Practitioners

Bali Harmony Retreat

Sri Paramahamsa Itsatwananda Swami

Yoga + Balinese Healing
Bali Harmony Retreat

Jero Nana

Yoga + Balinese Healing
Bali Harmony Retreat

Jero Wayan

Yoga + Balinese Healing